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    Grow with Us!

    Introducing our newest state: Florida! We are now live in 47 states! As we continue to grow and expand here,
    we will help grow your business as well.

    Stay tuned as we continue to roll out new products and open in additional states.

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    Executive ViewPoint:
    Expanded New Classes

    We now consider the following additional classes for private companies within our management
    liability product: Ambulatory Healthcare Services, Medical Device Manufacturers and Biotechnology firms.

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    This product offers excess layers of coverage for errors and omissions,
    cyber and management liability policies on over 100 classes of business.


The Devon Park Specialty companies, Mount Vernon Specialty Insurance Company and Radnor Specialty Insurance Company are both A++ rated companies that are members of the Berkshire Hathaway Company. Together these two companies give us the ability to offer admitted or non-admitted insurance policies. We provide Commercial Property and Casualty lines and Specialty lines insurance to the small to middle market accounts that require individual account underwriting.

In addition to our innovative products and our service mindset, we provide a broad range of marketing assistance to our customers to help ensure their long-term success.


Our Executive Leadership Team

Dorie Culp

Ext. 2846

Rob Ling

Executive Vice President
Chief Underwriting Officer
Ext. 2234

Cheryl Ryan

Executive Vice President
Division Leader - Commercial Lines
Ext. 2582

John Donahue

Executive Vice President,
Sales & Marketing
Ext. 2281


Specialty Lines

Professional and Management Liability Insurance

Commercial Lines

Property and Casualty Insurance


Our product provides broad coverage for evolving exposures faced by all businesses. The policy can be purchased with one or more coverage parts for companies with revenues between $15 million and $150 million.


Our Excess Professional product offers excess for errors and omissions, cyber, and management liability policies. We offer coverage on over 100 classes of business. We can consider private companies and nonprofit organizations with up to 1,500 employees for excess management liability. For errors and omissions and/or cyber, we can consider companies with revenues up to $150 million.


Executive ViewPoint (EVP) is a Management Liability policy for private companies and nonprofit organizations providing directors and officers, employment practices and fiduciary liability coverages on a package or stand-alone basis.

EVP is designed to cover private companies with 201 up to 1,500 employees. EVP for Nonprofits was developed for nonprofit organizations with greater than $15 million in revenue or 201 up to 1,500 employees.


Our product is designed to cover over 50 classes of business, including but not limited to: food and beverage, mercantile and retail operations, light building materials supplies, and more.


This product is designed to protect the unique property and liability exposures that hotel and motel owners face every day. Our eligibility accommodates hotels and motels that are franchised or independently owned.


This product is designed to cover commercial buildings being leased or rented to others. Buildings can be less than 100% occupied and may include mixed mercantile tenants.


Our product is designed to protect mobile home park owners for general liability and certain property exposures specific to this industry segment. We can consider parks with up to 500 pads, and can accommodate risks with amenities such as pools, lakes, recreation centers, play grounds, sports courts, etc.


Our product is designed for tenant or owner occupied office-based business operations. We can consider a broad range of tenants and owners and can build a package quote with coverages tailored specifically to the insured’s needs. Some of our product advantages include Hired & Non-Owned Auto coverage in most states, and enhanced property coverages.


Our product provides premises only liability coverage for a wide variety of business operations. It is an affordable answer for those risks seeking coverage to meet their lease agreements and also those risks with operations that make it difficult to obtain coverage.


Our Special Events product is designed to provide general liability and/or liquor liability coverage for a broad range of public or private events with 10,000 to 20,000 attendees or consumers. Such events include festivals, conventions, conferences, trade shows, lectures, exhibits, fairs, concerts, sporting events, etc. These can be one-day or multi-day events, with the option for set-up and take-down coverage.


Our Umbrella and Excess Liability products are designed to provide coverage up to $5,000,000 on over 700 classes of business. Our competitive minimum premiums and no self-insured retentions differentiate our quotes from the industry.


Our product is designed for commercial or residential vacant or partially vacant buildings. We also consider vacant leased space and risks with renovations.


Our product is designed for land that is either 100 percent vacant or land being leased to others. For leased land, we will consider properties being used for equipment storage, vehicle parking, athletic use, crop farming, animal grazing and other activities.


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Business Resource Center

By purchasing an insurance policy through the Devon Park Specialty companies, our insureds have access to our Business Resource Center (BRC). The BRC is a value-added service built to equip business owners with tools such as Human Resource consultation, cyber risk services and website design that help them grow and protect their business.

We understand that running a business revolves around time and money. Not only are our offered resources either free or discounted, but they also allow for a business owner to use their time more efficiently by focusing on what they do best. The BRC is another differentiator when it comes to choosing between the Devon Park Specialty companies and other carriers.

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We are currently looking for enthusiastic and experienced candidates in our Wayne, PA office.  Click on available positions below to see a detailed description and how to apply.

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